International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. 

LIVE is joining in the celebrations by amplifying its member Associations’ activity, highlighting women’s achievements across the industry with the hashtag #LIVEtogether, as well as through the official hashtags for International Women’s Day 2021 #ChooseToChallenge and #IWD2021.

Incredible women working across the live music industry have been profiled by LIVE’s member Associations which can be viewed here, or you can jump to each Associations page below:



This has been one of the most difficult years ever for the live music industry, with a reduction of more than 80% in revenue across the industry. As one of the first industries to close and likely the last to reopen, the Cultural Recovery Fund was a lifeline for some businesses in our industry. 

Alongside the CRF was a promised reduction in the rate of VAT on tickets sales down to 5%. This reduction would have kept over £300 million in our industry as we start to see a road out of this pandemic. 

Recently, reports appeared in the press that just at the moment we could be about to start selling tickets again, the Government is planning to raise VAT. Reversing this policy before we have been able to sell tickets in any meaningful volume would take millions from our industry when we need it the most.  

We need your help to make sure the Government hears how vital this reduction in VAT is for the industry in the run up to the Budget at the beginning of March. 

We are asking for you to do three very simple things:

1. Email your MP

We need to show MPs just how much support there is for this policy and recruit them as advocates for the industry. 

Download this template letter and personalise it (or write your own) and email it to your MP. The template letter also includes instructions about how to find your local MP and submit your letter. 

2. Spread the Message

Encourage your friends, colleagues, networks, mailing lists and audiences to do the same. If we are to be heard, it’s critical that everyone helps to spread the word.

3. Post your support on Thursday 4 Feb from 9am #KeepVATat5 

We need you to show the amount of support for this policy across the live music industry on social media. 

Key campaign messages:

Right now financial support is vital to the survival of our iconic industry and helping through these two simple steps will keep pressure on the Government. 

Thank you for your support.


#LetTheMusicPlay is an ongoing cross-industry campaign calling for the UK Government to support our world class music scene. The first campaign on 1 July 2020 saw the UK’s live music industry, alongside all members of UK Music and broader recording and publishing sectors, unite: the UK’s music industry came together like never before.

Some incredible facts from the day include:

The success of this campaign led to the announcement of the £1.57 billion fund that was announced by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport a week later. This announcement was brought forward and the fund was substantially increased to include live music following the campaign. 

Subsequent #LetTheMusicPlay campaigns have focussed on the crew, touring personnel and production specialists that power every live show, and the hashtag is now synonymous with supporting live music and events across the country.

Updates on forthcoming campaigns will be posted here. Or for downloadable #LetTheMusicPlay social media icons and assets, please go here.