The UK’s live music scene is a jewel on the international stage. We boast world-class performance spaces, culture-defining festivals, and our passionate, creative workforce builds global superstars that are the pride of the country.

The effect of Covid-19 on the live music sector has been catastrophic, with venues closed, and shows and festivals cancelled for 18 months. Such a prolonged closure decimated income and, as a result, we saw an overall reduction of 85% in revenue between 2020-2022. Economic modelling demonstrates that the financial impact will be felt across the industry for at least the next three to five years.

The measures introduced by the Government throughout the pandemic have been warmly welcomed by the sector, but due to the depth of damage done to the industry and the spiralling costs across the supply chain, we will be in crisis long after most other sectors return to normal.

Now the live music sector is fully open for business we want to ensure our sector has the best possible conditions to enable the sector’s recovery as quickly as possible

Our sector is calling for:

Defer increase of VAT rate on ticket sales due to take place in March 2022. 
LIVE is calling for the Government to work with the industry to maintain the current rate of VAT of ticket sales at 12.5% and consider a cultural VAT rate of 5% on ticket sale for the next three years.  

Business rates relief 
LIVE is calling for a further extension of the current business rates relief scheme until the end of the 2024-5 tax year. 

For further information about the impact of Covid-19 on the live music business, see our research and publications page.

You can find updated Working Safely government guidance here