Government weighing up next steps on Protect Duty


 While the Home Office considers its response to the recent Home Affairs Select Committee (HAC) report concluding its scrutiny of the draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, LIVE continues to seek further clarity on its requirements.  LIVE’s members fully support the original purpose of the Bill to better protect audiences but, in its current form, it will fail to do this while also placing disproportionate burdens on venues of all sizes around the country. 

The draft Bill is both impractical and, through the excessive penalties it proposes, would create existential risk for live music venues, and could lead to events and festivals leaving the UK.  Most recently, LIVE representatives met with Holly Lynch MP, Shadow Minister for National Security within Labour’s Home Affairs team.  LIVE took the opportunity to talk through the current regulatory requirements placed on operators (including the role of licensing), our wider work in support of counter terrorism and our concerns, as to the current proposals in and around the draft Bill.  You can read more on our position in the LIVE submission to HAC here.

 Talk of a Protect Duty requirement has been around for some years now though the actual detail remains to be finalised (and we are still some years away from any requirement going live).  As such, it would be premature for venues and festivals to engage in training or retain consultants.  In the interim, for those seeking guidance today, LIVE Board member, AFO, has a useful section on its site including expert insight and links to official advice.