#KeepVATat5 Campaign


Of all the industry’s asks from Government currently, keeping the VAT rate on tickets at 5% for the next three years will make the single biggest impact to the sector’s recovery. If it is reversed, the rate (which is due to end in March) will take millions from our industry when we need it the most.
This week LIVE is coordinating letters to Rishi Sunak and other prominent MPs to ask for support, but to secure this extension, we need to be louder, and we need your help.

With the budget approaching, we must act now to convince the Chancellor to #KeepVATat5. This is not just about the work done by industry associations, this needs ALL companies and individuals across the industry to stand up and ask for it. If we all act together, we have a chance.
If we are successful, the entire ecosystem benefits: the crews, venues, managers, artists, agents, promoters and more. If we are successful, our whole industry bounces back more quickly.

Key campaign messages:

We need your help to make sure the Government hears how vital this reduction in VAT is for the industry in the run up to the Budget at the beginning of March. 

Visit our Campaigns page for further information on how you can get involved.