LIVE Green – Beyond Zero

At LIVE we recognise the global climate and biodiversity crisis as the greatest threat to humanity, and understand the importance of collaboration and community in building a sustainable society. We want to enable all in the live music industry to commit to climate action by providing the necessary support, resources and advice.

LIVE Green aims to collate and provide research, expertise and cross-industry innovation that is informed by the best science and supports the transition to a regenerative future.

Alongside this work, LIVE Green has developed a Vision; a voluntary Declaration that individual businesses may sign up to; and a Purpose statement, that will help shape the group’s work, and define how companies and individuals across the live industry can act and take the lead on this crisis.  

All 14 association members of LIVE have ratified the Beyond Zero Declaration to deliver measurable and targeted action on climate change, with the ultimate aim of reaching net zero emissions by 2030.

LIVE Beyond Zero Declaration

I / we will work towards the following:

Resources & News:

Reusable Cups report: “Raising the Bar: Choosing the Most Sustainable Cup Type for Your Indoor Venue”

LIVE is delighted to announce that the report on Reusable Cups, “Raising the Bar: Choosing the Most Sustainable Cup Type for Your Indoor Venue”, is now available. With origins in the discussions of LIVE Green and LIVE Venues, and supported by expert guidance and financial support from Academy Music Group (AMG), British Association of Concert Halls (BACH), DHP Family, Music Venue Trust (MVT), National Arenas, the research was produced by LIVE’s friends and commissionees Julie’s Bicycle and Hope Solutions. Access the report here.

Earth/Percent brings together individuals and organisations committed to climate action

EarthPercent is a charity providing a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency.

LIVE was delighted to participate in a session on Greening Music Ecosystem with our expert colleagues: Julie’s Bicycle; Music Declares Emergency; AGF (A Greener Festival); Vision 20:25; and Ecolibrium. While we know there is still much more work to be done, the session highlighted the wealth of great initiatives that are underway and a desire to collaborate and standardise output and metrics to allow venues, festival organisers and other actors to make smart decisions. LIVE, through our LIVE Green, LIVE Venues, LIVE Festivals and other groups will be throwing open our network to ensure information flows efficiently and actions are rapid.

The Green Events Code

The Green Events code has been developed by the Vision:2025 group, one of LIVE Green’s members, in consultation with the industry. It is intended to provide clear and robust minimum standards and shared targets for sustainability. They are to be understood and adopted by all stakeholders across the outdoor festival and events industry – event organisers, local authorities and supply chain.

The Code represents a science-based approach, aligned with existing frameworks and initiatives – global, national, and sector specific – see FAQs for list.

Download the Green Events Code (PDF) here:


LIVE Green continues to support efforts that are driving climate action, in 2022 LIVE Green supported the OVERHEATED series hosted by Billie Eilish at the O2 in London. Musicians, designers, and activists from around the world gathered for the event to discuss how we can make the music industry more sustainable. 

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