LIVE Green – Beyond Zero

At LIVE we recognise the global climate and biodiversity crisis as the greatest threat to humanity, and understand the importance of collaboration and community in building a sustainable society. We want to enable all in the live music industry to commit to climate action by providing the necessary support, resources and advice.

LIVE Green aims to collate and provide research, expertise and cross-industry innovation that is informed by the best science and supports the transition to a regenerative future.

Alongside this work, LIVE Green has developed a Vision; a voluntary Declaration that individual businesses may sign up to; and a Purpose statement, that will help shape the group’s work, and define how companies and individuals across the live industry can act and take the lead on this crisis.  

Our work is informed by the best science and takes place under the banner ‘This is Not a Rehearsal’.

One of our key commitments is to ensure people undertake climate literacy education and have an ongoing commitment to knowledge sharing within the live music sector and beyond. LIVE Green will be hosting a series of webinars starting on 16 June, please find below more details on the subjects and links to each of the webinars, which are open to everyone to attend.

Wednesday 16 June, 11am: Offices

Tuesday 22 June, 11am: Touring 

Thursday 24 June, 11am: Festivals

Tuesday 29 June, 11am: Venues 

Wednesday 30 June, 11:30am: Artists & Management