LIVE joins events industry organisations to pledge support for Covid-status certification


LIVE has joined events industry trade bodies and operators from across the events industry by putting its name to an open letter welcoming a blanket introduction of Covid-status certification to get events running without mitigation measures from 21st June. 

In an open letter, signatories state they are willing to work with the British government to implement Covid-status certification – i.e ensuring all attendees are free from Covid-19 – at venues in order to get the industry back on its feet safely.

As an alternative to social distancing, they propose certification – not be confused with vaccine ‘passports’, the idea of which has proven controversial in the UK – that all eventgoers are either vaccinated against Covid-19; have natural immunity to the disease; or have had a negative test within a set period of time prior to arrival.

The letter states: “The intention of Covid-status certification is to find a non-discriminatory solution that is safe, simple, protects privacy and doesn’t cause unnecessary delays or a poor experience for visitors.”

The sectors represented say they would support a blanket industry-wide introduction of Covid-status certification on a temporary basis following the planned relaxation of all capacity limits from 21st June. “We would expect that any certification is imposed fairly across the economy, reviewed regularly and removed when it is safe to do so.”

The full letter can be read here.