LIVE panel at ILMC highlights work of Music Export Ukraine


As part of LIVE’s participation at ILMC, Jon Collins moderated a panel on live music and geopolitics.  The panel recognised that live music is unique in its ability to connect people, unite people and provoke emotion.  We are more than an industry, we are a movement.  But what happens when we come up against some of the biggest issues on the planet – war, societal change, environmental shifts?

Most impactful on the day was the contribution of Dartsya Tarkovska, co-founder of the independent initiative Music Export Ukraine who, after working in the music industry for over a decade, is now responsible for the sustainable development of Ukrainian music overseas.  Dartsya was open and honest about the challenges of live music in Ukraine (the good news is that there are still concerts) and the powerful role live music can play in bringing people together while allowing artists to express their feelings.  MEU has been a positive response to the situation in Ukraine but we in the UK could be doing more to offer opportunities to Ukrainian artists to perform and the wealth of talented technicians, marketers and crew to play support roles.  Particularly valuable here given the current personnel challenges.  If you would like to support MEU please contact LIVE . (Photo credit ‘Alexis Dubus Photography’).