LIVE presents fifth wave of audience research: have we reached a new normal?


Having started in May 2022 as we emerged from lockdown, the LIVE Insights audience research has now run on five occasions.  Drawing on a nationally representative panel of 2,000 people, we have used the research to track attitudes to going out, purchasing ticket and attending shows.  

This round of research yielded the highest recorded figure over the last two years as, 31%, said they had not changed their approach to ticket buying in the last twelve months … suggesting we are at a new normal.

While it is clear that people love live music, with just 11% say they do not think about going to gigs, cost of living remains a significant factor with 27% stating that ‘everything feels expensive’ (the highest level since we began this research).  The 20% who stated they have less disposable income is up from 16% in the last wave.

Encouragingly, ticket usage is at its highest to date (65%) with the oldest respondents (55+) most likely to always use their tickets (73%).  The generational divide is clear when it comes to ticket usage with our youngest (18-24) least likely to use their ticket (53%) and most likely to find reasons not to attend.  A concerning 19% of 18-24s said they do not have as much energy to go out as they dd 12 months ago.

Read the full report here.