LIVE welcomes launch of the Green Events Code


LIVE has welcomed the launch of the Green Events Code, designed to drive action on sustainability via the live events sector.

Endorsed by over 500 UK festivals and outdoor events, the code was developed by industry steering group Vision:2025 to establish national minimum sustainability standards, targets and practices, including net zero. 

The code is based on five key principles, that the industry: 

  1. Needs to act urgently on the climate crisis
  2. Will act based on evidence
  3. Will be transparent and report impact annually
  4. Accepts that not all climate-positive decisions will provide cost benefit in the short term 
  5. Will strive to improve year-on-year 

The overall aim is to commit to a minimum of 50% reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, with specific targets including a 50% reduction in fossil fuel consumption at live events by 2025; a reduction of at least 30% in meat and dairy consumption onsite by 2030; and to eliminate single use plastic by 2025.

The Green Events Code is supported across the live music industry, from organisers of leading UK festivals including Reading, British Summer Time and Boardmasters. The code is being developed in close consultation and collaboration with influential stakeholders, including the Institute of Licencing, LAEOG, the Local Government Association, UK Music, the Events Industry Forum, and crucially, LIVE.  

The news follows the launch of LIVE’s own sustainability initiative, LIVE Green, designed to boost sustainability in the live music sector. LIVE Green is committed to supporting the live music industry transition to a regenerative future, with the LIVE Beyond Zero Declaration to deliver action on climate change signed by all 14 association members of LIVE.

John Langford, COO of AEG Europe and Chair of the LIVE Green industry group, said: 

“This Green Event Code follows the aspirations set out in the LIVE Green Vision for the wider music industry to deliver measurable and targeted action on climate change, with the ultimate aim of reaching net zero emissions.”

Chris Johnson, Vision:2025 Chair and LIVE Green working group member said:

“The Green Events Code represents a significant milestone for the industry, collaboratively creating standards that are meaningful for climate and workable for events and local authorities.” 

The Green Event Code is free to access on the Vision 2025 website, along with more information about the context, future steps, FAQ’s and how to get involved.