Meet the Members

Anna Moulson

Anna Moulson – Founder and Promoter, Melting Vinyl, Brighton/ Kent

A bit about you: I have run Melting Vinyl for 23 years as a live music promoter in Brighton & Kent, I’m a northern import to Brighton from Yorkshire. I’m related to the actor:  Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard: Star Trek).

Greatest career success to date: Surviving as a freelance live music promoter for this long!  Also promoting Calvin Harris and St Vincent.

Most significant challenge: In the beginning, running a business with no mentor or role model, plus the financial responsibility of the event that freelance promoters carry.

Women’s Day Shoutout: Marina Kobler at the Komedia venue Brighton gave me one of my first breaks when I was starting out and was a good role model she could be firm but also personable, she showed me how to be in business.

If you could make 1 change in how the music industry supports women, what would it be? I think we all find it hard in this industry but it’d be great if the artists and manager, as well as the agent, looked for promoters from more diverse backgrounds to promote their shows. We have 7 women out of 90+ as members in the Association of Independent Promoters.

Hopes for the future (for you or for women in music more generally):  That a report is written on the significant contribution of the grassroots live music industry, so we can be valued further like other art forms and aspects of the industry and more easily access training, funding.

Caitlin Whelan

Caitlin Whelan – Founder, CLW, Cardiff

First Gig you ever promoted, and any memories from it: The first gig I promoted as CLW was back in July 2019 for a Cardiff based-band called Blue Amber (who I now also manage) at Tiny Rebel in Cardiff. It was a fantastic night with a really lovely turnout but I remember being super on edge about the support not getting there on time to play as they were coming from Bristol. Those who know the Bristol-Cardiff stretch of the M4 know how busy it can get at rush hour! Luckily they arrived with 15 minutes to spare and managed to do a line check before playing a wonderful set.

What I choose to challenge in 2021 (IWD 2021 theme): With COVID-19 still obliterating the events calendar I have had to put gig planning on the backburner for now until there’s a clear exit plan for Wales. When it is safe to do so I would love to put a half-dayer on with my favourite bands from South Wales/ South West playing. Watch this space.6. In 2021 I choose to challenge sexist behaviour in all its forms and challenge the idea of gatekeeping in the music industry. The music industry should be for all and not for just a privileged few to decide who’s in and who isn’t. Social media links: @clwthemusic and website:

Clémence Godard

Clémence Godard – Co-Founder & Director – Bird On The Wire, London

First Gig you ever promoted, and any memories from it: Mystery Jets at Fleche d’Or in Paris in 2007. I started running nights in Paris with my best friend while living in London, I was just sitting in a Eurostar all the new bands I was meeting in my early months of living there. The inhouse venue booker was giving us free reign over who we booked which really helped to learn the job. My first gig with Bird On The Wire was in 2009, a three-day mini festival at Bardens Boudoir, our favourite venue in Stoke Newington at the time, with performances from Django Django or The Big Pink. It was on a glorious Easter weekend and a limited success as no one really wanted to stand in a dark basement for 3 days. Our friends were very supportive though and I think we just about broke even.

What I choose to challenge in 2021 (IWD 2021 theme): Break down the barriers that hold women back from becoming promoters, or generally holding decision-making roles in live music. Keep questioning how we can make our environment more welcoming regardless of gender, class and ethnicity.

Dom Frazer

Dom Frazer – Director & Founder, The Boileroom Guildford

First Gig you ever promoted, and any memories from it: Milliondead at The Star Guildford 2005 was one of the first ‘proper’ gigs I put on. I mean when I say proper we had 4 flashing lights and an OKJ PA! it was a raucous gig I actually found it on Youtube the other day and it was so lush to reminisce and watch it back. Although I do remember as the promoter that night being so worried that someone was going to hurt themselves no barriers everyone drinking out of glass… you realise how much you learn as a promoter and how valuable that knowledge is. We all make mistakes we just need to learn from them. ⁠⁠⁠ 

What I choose to challenge in 2021 (IWD 2021 theme): I choose to challenge & call out gender bias and inequity. To seek out champion and celebrate women’s achievements. ⁠⁠⁠⁠