Meet the Members

Keely Myers

Keely Myers – Director of Global Touring Office

A bit about you:  I’ve been in the live music industry for 20+ years and am the Director of Global Touring Office. Over the years I have worked in various roles such as Tour Producer, Tour Manager, and Production Manager for various different artists. Recently, and as a result of the pandemic, I have been lecturing for the Music Managers Forum (MMF), as well as co-facilitating conversations around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a part of the Tour Production Group.

Greatest career success to date: There have been so many highlights, but I would say that setting up Global Touring Office in 2015 is something that I’m very proud of. Gig-wise, Kate Bush’s return to live music in Hammersmith, 2014, was certainly one of the most interesting projects of my career as a Production Director.

Most significant challenge: Every project throws up its own set of unique challenges, but that is part and parcel of the job! I’d probably give a generic answer, in that the most significant challenge is the constant multitasking and balancing of logistics when multiple projects are running at the same time. But to be honest, it’s a challenge I do enjoy.

Women’s Day Shoutout: Shout out to my amazing mother, Marsha, who has always encouraged and supported me in my career. 

If you could make 1 change in how the music industry supports women, what would it be? I’d love to see the entire industry come together to actively seek out and encourage more women (as well as all other marginalised communities) to take on a wider range of roles — especially technical roles — that are still typically male-dominated. 

Helen Smith

Helen ‘Hels Bells’ Smith  – Production Coordinator at Helsprod Limited

A bit about you: I started working for Sophie Ridley (fantastic mentor )1992 as the office girl, and subsequently went into touring the world. I was the tea girl and worked my way up.  Proud winner a number of TPI awards for Production Assistant/Coordinator and a lifetime achievement too. Possibly for the most amount of glitter in an office.

Greatest career success to date: David Bowie and the mighty DFP (Dolly Fucking Parton).

Most significant challenge: Dealing with grief on the road. Incredibly challenging to be sane…

Women’s Day Shoutout:  DFP (obvs) … everyone should be more Dolly…

If you could make 1 change in how the music industry supports women, what would it be? A better understanding of dealing with menopause on the road and the stress that comes with that. It’s horrible, and it does send you mad.