Touring in the EU

Outbound Mobility within the European Union

We have set out the current position for post-Brexit entry requirements for touring musicians and their crew entering European member states. Please note that this is not legal advice. You should attain expert counsel before planning travel to the EU. (Note: crew is defined as the entourage or travel party related to the performance). Click on the image for full details.

Routes of entry into the UK for EU artists and entertainers

Movement of Goods

Exporting goods from the UK

ATA Carnets

For further information regarding ATA Carnets and how to use them, please see these downloadable documents here:

Touring in the EU post Brexit

Live Music Transitional Support Package (TSP)

LIVE is calling for a Live Music Transitional Support Package which would:

The package would consist of five main strands of support:

Please click here to view the full details of the Transitional Support Package.

LIVE is calling on the UK Government to: 

1. Ensure musicians and their entourages can continue to work across Europe 
2. Save European tours through the free movement of UK concert trucks 
3. Minimise additional costs and friction incurred by ATA Carnets 
4. Provide clear guidance on VAT and social security
5. Establish a new UK Music Export Office