About LIVE

The UK live music industry entertains over 30 million fans each year. The sector boasts world-class performance spaces, culture-defining festivals, and our passionate, creative workforce builds global superstars that are the pride of the United Kingdom. 

LIVE (Live music Industry Venues & Entertainment) is the voice of the UK’s live music and entertainment business. LIVE members are a federation of 16 live music industry associations representing 3,150 businesses, over 34,000 artists and 2,000 backstage workers.

LIVE works to ensure that the interests of live music in the UK are understood and communicated to Government, policymakers, regulators, the public and the wider music and entertainment industries. Through collective representation, LIVE promotes the interests of artists, venues, festivals, promoters, booking agents, crew and production suppliers.

LIVE was initially formed in response to the unprecedented pressure and devastation faced by the industry due to COVID-19 and is structured around four pillars: lobbying, economic analysis, messaging, and skills & diversity. Its work is driven by a series of sub committees on topics including festivals & outdoor events, venues, touring, and sustainability.

The members of LIVE are:

Association of British Orchestras (ABO)

The ABO represents the collective interests of professional orchestras, youth ensembles and the wider classical music industry throughout the UK.

Association for Electronic Music (AFEM)

AFEM is a global voice for the electronic music industry, representing community, culture and commerce. AFEM connects its worldwide membership to develop opportunities and enable change.

Association of Festival Organisers (AFO)

The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) founded in 1987, has a membership of over 130 grassroots festivals. Big stars begin their careers with us, we serve our communities and we support live music in the UK.

Association of Independent Festivals (AIF)

The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) is the leading national trade association representing the interests of over 75 music festivals across the UK, who entertain 1 million fans every summer.

Association of Independent Promoters (AIP)

The Association of Independent Promoters (AIP) is a trade association bringing together independent promoters from across the UK. Our aim is to represent, empower and provide a vital support network to promoters.

British Association of Concert Halls (BACH)

BACH is the national body which represents major concert halls around the UK and in the Republic of Ireland.  Its 37 members operate more than 40 venues across the five countries.

Concert Promoters Association (CPA)

The Concert Promoters Association provides a forum to campaign, lobby and support promoters of popular music concerts, events and festivals.

The Entertainment Agents’ Association (TEAA)

The Entertainment Agents’ Association (TEAA) advises, promotes and protects the interests and integrity of professional entertainment agents across Great Britain.

Featured Artists Coalition (FAC)

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) is the UK trade body representing the specific rights and interests of music artists.  A not-for-profit organisation, serving a diverse, global membership of creators at all stages of their careers, the FAC is formed by artists, for artists, places this ethos at its core.

Music Managers Forum (MMF)

The Music Managers Forum is the world’s largest professional community of music managers.  Our membership now comprises over 1000 managers of artists, songwriters and producers across all genres who are mainly UK-based but with global businesses.

Musicians’ Union (MU)

Musicians’ Union is the UK trade union for all musicians representing over 33,000 musicians across the UK working in all sectors of the music business. As well as negotiating on behalf of members with all the major employers in the industry, we offer a range of support services for musicians..

Music Venue Trust (MVT)

Music Venue Trust is a UK registered charity which acts to protect, secure and improve Grassroots Music Venues.

National Arenas Association (NAA)

The National Arenas Association (NAA) brings together the 23 major arenas across the UK and Ireland. Established in 1991, it provides a networking forum as well as developing best practice to create consistency across the membership.

Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA)

Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA) is an international membership body for those who supply technologies and services to the event and entertainment industries. The Association works to ensure that each sector is fully represented and plays an active role in highlighting best practice and safe working conditions.

Production Services Association (PSA)

The Production Services Association (PSA) is the trade association for the companies and individuals that provide technical production services to the live events sector.

Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR)

STAR is the representative body for the UK ticketing industry, promoting consumer confidence and excellent service. STAR is also approved by Government under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015.